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Finally i made it on Tumblr.

musello asked: Whatsup guys and or gals @ Bobsmade. I wanted to start doing custom sneakers with my buddy. Is there anyway we could get them cheap in bulk? Any tips and tricks as far as attaining raw materials would be noice! Thanks!

I buy all single in local stores, so nothing cheaper than for any other customer. I couldn’t hold all sizes and styles on stock, my space is limited.

wearestrongenoughtolive asked: Hey, I have to say I love your works, they are so detailed and different.I want to order a pair of headphones but I don't live at the US, I live in South America, I was wondering how can I order them. I want the ones you did of Rise Against. Talk to you soon!

I’m in europe, so that doesn’t matter. I ship worldwide :)
Same shipping costs to everywhere

endomorphusagi asked: I've been a huge fan of yours for years. I started to follow you on dA, but then left them and now I follow you here. One day, I'll be getting some custom chucks from you. Because you are such an amazing artist. D:

How kind :) Thank you very much ^ ^

pikachulover68 asked: when will u sell more of those pikachu shoes

All shoes are made in commission, nothing on stock, all unique.
check if you want to go for some shoes

ladybirdrose asked: are all of your glasses drawings made by hand ? or some of them are stickers printed on the glasses ?

all painted. I made a test with prints but its not the same quality like painted.

iamthewolfamongthesheep asked: Hiya when are you getting the "Yummy Yummy" Fun Box back in stock?

Did i had a box like this? How many years ago…

damn-thats-uhhh asked: How do you feel about people sending in designs ?

Its OK if it fit my style. I basically paint what you want :)

thischinwe asked: Can you show us both sides and a top view of your panda beats headphone?

Could you send me a e-mail ( ) with your request, than i can send you some photos :)